Commercial Lines CSR

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The Links in the Sales Chain™ for the C/L CSR Self-Training Sales Package will take a CSR through 13 separate essential Links.  The training starts with a module for creating sales time and ends with how to be an advisor after the sale.  The components in between feature modules for:

  • How to use relationships to obtain new prospects
  • How to Target Market to increase your chances & get the Underwriter on your side
  • Understanding the best ways for obtaining referrals
  • How to use better ways to get an introduction
  • Using Qualifying Questions to evaluate prospects
  • The Right Way to Reject a Prospect
  • Using Disturbing Questions to establish credibility & separate yourself from the competition
  • Additional Methods to Use to Enhance your Prospecting (beyond referrals)

Included in the course are roughly 50 documents & spreadsheets that will help sustain the new salesperson (or improve an experienced one) with the tools, scripts and samples they will need to be successful.  A few key documents, included in this Sales Training Course that we would highlight are:

  1. Qualifying Questions to Evaluate a Prospect
  2. Sample Class Marketing Letter
  3. Several Value Charts for Proposal Displays
  4. Suggested Quick Prospect Definition Profile
  5. Cheat Sheet for Obtaining 3rd Party Buy-In & Introductions
  6. Several Suggested Scripts – 1st Contact & for Letting a Prospect Go
  7. Script for doing the Small Talking that will lead to a Referral
  8. Top 8 Ways to Obtain an “A” Referral
  9. Several Suggested Scripts to insure Success when making Referral Requests
  10. Recording Tools & Methods to Use so you have Consistent Prospect Generation
  11. What an “A” Proposal should look like – what are the components?
  12. Several Value Charts for Proposal Displays
  13. Sample Disturbing Questions to use to Create Prospect Needs
  14. Other Needs Creation Tools
  15. Recording Tools & Methods to Use so you have Consistent Prospect Generation


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