Commercial Lines Producer   

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The Links in the Sales Chain™ for the C/L Producer Self-Training Sales Package will take a Producer through 14 separate essential Links.  The training starts with a module outlining the Producer Role and ends with Alternate Means of Prospecting.  The components in between feature modules for:

  • How to use relationships to obtain new prospects
  • How to Target Market to increase your chances & get the Underwriter on your side
  • Bringing more passion to the process
  • Understanding the best ways for obtaining referrals
  • How to use better ways to get an introduction
  • How to hold a more effective Qualifying First Visit with a new prospect
  • Using Disturbing Questions to establish credibility & separate yourself from the competition
  • Using something other than “price” to make the sale
  • How to use your time more effectively and lots more 

Included in the course are roughly 60 documents & spreadsheets that will help sustain a new producer (or help an experienced one improve) with the tools, scripts and samples they will need to be successful.  A few key documents, included in this Sales Training Course that we would highlight are:

  1. Qualifying Questions to Evaluate a Prospect
  2. The Elements/Outline for holding a successful (qualifying) Initial Visit
  3. What an “A” Proposal should look like – what are the components?
  4. Identification of what the Producer Role should be – how much time for service/how much for prospecting
  5. Sample Tool Defining who the Client should contact in the Agency to Obtain the Best Service
  6. Sample Page outlining Target Classes & Criteria for each class
  7. Several Value Charts for Proposal Displays
  8. Several Suggested Scripts to insure Success when making Referral Requests
  9. Top 8 Ways to Obtain an “A” Referral
  10. Sample Benefits of Doing Business with the Agency for multiple uses
  11. Suggested Sample Weekly Producer Schedule & Template for Producer Use
  12. Sample Success Stories to Guide you in Developing some of your Own for Proposals & other uses
  13. Cold Calling Cheat Sheet
  14. Sample Case Study
  15. Client Pulse Check Meeting Outline
  16. Sample Disturbing Questions to use to Create Prospect Needs
  17. Other Needs Creation Tools
  18. Recording Tools & Methods to Use so you have Consistent Prospect Generation
  19. A “Weighing” Close Method to Help Finalize the Sale
  20. Various Value-Added Displays so both the Prospect & the Producer know what is “extra”


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