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If you are interested in initiating an “inside sales” program for all the P&C CSRs in your Agency, the P/L & C/L CSR Bundle Sales Self-Training using The Links in the Sales Chain™ is an impressive Package that will help you achieve just that.  With this bundle of the P/L CSR Sales Training & the C/L Training, this interactive course will take all of your CSRs through 13 separate essential Links (14 Links for the C/L CSRs) during the training process.  The important thing in all this is that the CSR will not “feel” like he/she is selling because she/he will be comfortable using this relationship-based, value-driven, method of selling.  With the annual subscription, there is no limit to the number of times the course can be taken, or the number of people who can take it, so there is tremendous value with your investment. 

The training starts with a module for creating sales time and ends with how to be an advisor after the sale.  Some of the components in between feature modules for:

  • How to use relationships to obtain new prospects
  • How to obtain referrals
  • Understanding the best ways for obtaining referrals
  • How to use better ways to get an introduction
  • Making the right 1st contact with a prospect
  • Qualifying properly
  • How to establish credibility
  • How to prevent price from being the “only” thing, and lots more.

Included in each of the courses are roughly 50 documents & spreadsheets that will help sustain the new (or improve the experienced) salesperson with the tools, scripts and samples they will need to be successful.  A few key documents, included in this Sales Training Course that we would highlight are:

  1. Action Questions that Stimulate a Lukewarm Prospect
  2. Qualifying Questions to Help you Evaluate a Prospect
  3. Script for Doing the Small Talking that leads to a Referral
  4. 12 Essential Time Management Keys & Tips that have helped Others Save up to 2 Hours/Day
  5. The Best Way to Put your Proposal Together for Maximum Effectiveness
  6. Several Value Charts for Proposal Displays
  7. Several Suggested Scripts to insure Success when making Referral Requests
  8. Sample Success Stories to Guide you in Developing some of your Own for Proposals
  9. The Top 8 Ways to Obtain an "A-Type” Prospect
  10. Several Tools & Worksheets to Help you Get Started
  11. Recording Tools & Methods to Use so you have Consistent Prospect Generation
  12. Sample Suggested Prototype Daily Schedule for a Typical CSR, including sales-related functions.
  13. Sample Schedule to Use to Maximize your Workday.
  14. Several Suggested Scripts – 1st Contact & for Letting a Prospect Go


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